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Tru Blu Beverages are an Australian beverage company that aims to refresh all Australians. Their products are made in Australia and the company is 100% Australian owned. Boasting such well known brands as Waterfords, Pub Squash, LA Ice Cola and Wicked Energy Drink, their mission is to offer every Australian a quality beverage at an affordable price.

Artworking of labels (including redesign to new knifelines). Retouching imagery, for can/label use, as well as for mockups used in marketing materials. Signage for exhibitions and in store. Continued website maintenance, with changing product range and news.

Packaging (cans; labels; cartons; shrinks). Marketing (flyers, decals, print advertising). Signage (exhibition, banners, lightboxes). Website maintenance (product shots and information). Product mockups / retouching shot products.

Finished art. Content management (web). Retouching.

Tru Blu Beverages
(Worked on while employed at War Design, Sydney)



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