Tru Blu Beverages

Tru Blu Beverages are an Australian beverage company that aims to refresh all Australians. Their products are made in Australia and the company is 100% Australian owned. Boasting such well known brands as Waterfords, Pub Squash, LA Ice Cola and Wicked Energy Drink, their mission is to offer every Australian a quality beverage at an affordable price.

Can and label artworking, new and revised. Retouching imagery, for can/label use, as well as for mockups used in marketing materials. Signage for exhibitions and in store. Continued website maintenance, with changing product range and news. Manage social media channels (Facebook and Twitter), for brands and company.

Packaging (cans; labels; cartons; shrinks). Marketing (flyers, decals, print advertising). Signage (exhibition, banners, lightboxes). Website maintenance. Product mockups / retouching shot products. Content for social media channels, for brands (Wicked, Blu, Glee, Capri) and company.

Finished art. Design. Content management (web). Retouching.

Tru Blu Beverages
(Worked on while employed at War Design, Sydney)

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